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Guess that sounds too good to be true but Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) does just that, enables you to have free phone calls to anywhere in the world. will answer the most common questions associated with the sleeping giant that is VoIP and will tell you how to get free phone calls or to pay a fraction of what you currently do for worldwide calls.

Voice over Internet Protocol has been in place for years in the commercial sector but is still regarded to be in it's infancy with regard to overall take up by business and domestic users. Only now are telecom providers starting to push VoIP products out to the domestic market. You may have noticed this with increased exposure in the media, on TV and magazine print and wondered what the heck they were on about. Well hopefully will be able to unravel some of the mystery behind it all.

You've probably heard the word Skype and wondered what all the fuss was about, a new name for a new product that has caught the headlines. You may have also had marketing flyers from your ISP which mentions VoIP but have not ventured any further.

With a full set of articles and Frequently Asked Questions on to guide you, VoIP should no longer be a mystery to you and you will start feeling the benefit of this new technology.

Why not start off with a look at some common FAQ's about VoIP to get a better idea how VoIP can work for you.



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