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  What is VoIP

Changing your Skype Ringtone V1.4

Customise your Skype ringtone for Skype version 1.4

Changing the default Skype ringtone is easy and will show you how.

First of all go to our Skype Ringtone section and download a ringtone of your choice to an area on your computer (such as C:\ringtones)

All of our ringtones have been specially created and selected to work with Skype

To change ringtones on Skype version 2 click here

Step by step

Now go to your Skype application (having the latest version is always a good idea) and follow these steps

Step 1. Select Tools > Options

Step 2. Highlight Sounds in the left hand column and then click on the yellow folder icon
Step 3. Click the Browse button to open up a file browser window    

Step 4. Select your favourite ringtone that you saved earlier and click the Open button. You'll be taken back to the screen shown in Step 3, click OK. The ringtone is now saved. You can test the ringtone by clicking on the green and white play button as shown in Step 2
Step 5. By default the 'Ring PC speaker' option is set. To just hear your ringtone when someone calls you must untick this box (as shown) and click Save. This option can be found under 'Sound Devices'

That's it, jobs a good'n, you now have your own customised ringtone for Skype. Just repeat the above steps whenever you fancy a ringtone change.





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